TPU material consists of the following features

TPU material consists of the following features:
1. high abrasion resistance: TPU Taber abrasion index compared with other materials can be seen.
2. wide range of hardness: by changing the TPU the ratio of reaction components, different products can be obtained, and with increasing hardness, its products are still maintaining good flexibility.
3. high mechanical strength: TPU products, load capacity, shock resistance and shock absorption properties stand out.
4. good processing properties: TPU common thermoplastic material processing method for processing, such as injection, extrusion, calendering, etc. Meanwhile, TPU and certain polymers polymer alloys of common processing can be complementary.
5. cold resistance: the lower glass transition temperature for TPU, lingxia35du remain excellent elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties.
6. resistance to oil, water and mildew resistance.
7. good recycling.

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