Introduction to uses and properties of TPU

Introduction to uses and properties of TPU
TPU‘s main features:
Hardness range: by changing the TPU the ratio of reaction components, different products can be obtained, and with increasing hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and resistance to abrasion.
High mechanical strength: TPU products, load capacity, shock resistance and shock absorption properties stand out.
Cold: the lower glass transition temperature for TPU, lingxia35du remain excellent elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties.
Good processing properties: TPU common thermoplastic material processing method for processing, such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering, etc. Meanwhile,TPU and certain polymers polymer alloys of common processing can be complementary. Resistant to oil, water and mold. Recycling is good.


TPU material use:
TPU molded products use:
Auto parts
Ball-type couplings; dust cover brake pedal; locks the firing pin; bushings
Leaf spring bushings and bearings, shock parts both inside and outside decorations;snow chain
Machines and industrial parts
Various gear seal (mainly used for wear-resistant and oil-resistant), shockproof partsmodulo needle; bushings; bearings
Cover type connector rubber, printing rollers
Apparel Accessories
Ladies bra straps, garment elastic bands.
Softball shoes, baseball shoes, football shoes, golf shoes, soles and shoe balls
Ladies heels; ski boots, safety boots, high-end shoe and other
Self-aligning wheel hand strap
Tubing hose
High-pressure hose; medical tube hydraulic pipe pressure pipe fuel pipe; pipe coating
Conveying pipe fire hose
Film plates
Rotation (has some stretch); air; patch; keyboard; composite cloth
Wires cable
Electric power communication cable computer wiring vehicle wiring; exploration the cables
Ring line; round belt vbelt synchronous belt; such as skid Strip
Soft tank, tank type thin film composite sheet fabric bags
Blow molding
Box for all vehicles; various container classes
Film blowing
Ultra thin, wide-format films (medical, health articles)
Filler; bonding agent, rope, wire, leather, synthetic leather glove coating
TPUthermoplastic polyurethane, polyester and polyethertype, hardness wide range (60ha-85hd), abrasion resistant, oil resistant, transparent, good elasticity, household goods, sporting goods, toys, decorative material has been widely used in the field,halogen free flame retardant TPU may also replace the soft PVC to meet the growing field of environmental requirements. TPU brand brand is numerous, uneven quality, select TPU best after careful evaluation and justification, or you can’t get the best cost-effective results.
Through the above described, all of what is TPU materials has been an accurate answer to this question, TPU material to a certain heat softens at room temperature can remain the same. stability, supporting role in your shoes. TPU and polyurethane rubber, is a kind of polyurethane in China compared to new products, widely used in the footwear industry, pipe … And other industries.